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Just in time for the Reusable Bag Ordinance in Los Altos, The Makery has tons of bright & sturdy Baggu reusable totes to help you go green!  These adorable carryalls are perfect for hauling groceries, gym gear or your purchases from The Makery.

We offer the Baggu reusable tote in an array of colors & patterns, including animals & stripes.  These totes come either as a single bag or a set of 3 in a handy zipper pouch.

The Baggu tote is made of ripstop nylon, is machine-washable & can hold up to 50 lbs.  Also, these reusable totes are so much cuter than a plastic bag!

We also have a lot of other Baggu designs that can be used for this same purpose in a variety of colors. Check out our Baggu stand the next time you come in. 


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