in 2010, Mary Heffernan had a vision for a welcoming community restaurant combining healthy food, a warm atmosphere, good wine and an engaging playspace for kids. This H&H vision found a home when Mary first walked by a quaint little cottage at 145 First Street.  Rich in history, the building is over 100 years old and was previously home to the town librarian, a children’s book store and an antique store. After over a year of design, renovation and construction - Bumble opened its doors in September 2011. The design of the 100-year old cottage was simple and left the core of the original house to keep that comfortable, homey feel, like you were eating at a friend’s place.  Bumble's decor with muted grays, white, black and a touch of yellow was meant to be welcoming and cozy and the name Bumble hinted at a community of busy beings coming together for a common purpose and to hang out in the hive.   Mary and Brian sold Bumble in 2014.