Opened soon after Bumble became popular, Mary wanted to make sure she wasn't excluding the older ages of children who enjoyed frequenting the restaurant with their families - so Area 151 was born! Hanging out at the arcade was always a nostalgic part of our upbringing so she wanted to create a space with that hometown arcade feel where kids could go and have fun with their friends and participate in a little friendly competition. It was designed with a mix of throw-back, redemption games as well as the latest side-by-side competition games that use state-of-the-art technology. The prizes were interesting and some valuable like lego sets and science kits, along with fun trinkets.  Mary hoped Area 151 would be a safe neighborhood place where kids could frequent so the staff was always sure to know everyone's name and they kept running tallies of ticket counts so kids could save their tickets for those bigger prizes! Area 151 was a kid and parent-approved hang out space and event venue that brought lots of fun to First Street. Area 151 was sold in 2014.