Working here at The Makery is like being a kid in a candy store. Having the privilege of choosing fabrics and yarns for retail has been a dream come true and I’d love to have a chance to share them with you. So here’s a short overview of what we’re offering!

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Cottons: Good old faithful, the staple of the sewing world. We have all the designer fabrics that you’ve been wanting from Westminster, Free Spirit and Riley Blake. Best to come see this in person, it’s worth the trip. What can’t you make with cottons?: pillows, totes, aprons, bibs, it’s limitless.

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Voiles: This fabric is less well known but super luxurious. A silky cotton based fabric with amazing drape. Slightly sheer and perfect for summery tops and dresses, we’ve also seen some amazing quilting done with this.

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Flannels: Who doesn’t love some flannel? This is a great layering fabric and we’ve got some cute, whimsical prints for the cute lil’ ones. We love this for a receiving blanket, pj pants and just about anything you want next to your skin

Jersey: We are still adding to this collection and are excited about all the cute baby things that will come from this stretchy cozy fabric.

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Cotton Laminate:  a fancy name for waterproof fabric. Think tablecloths, lunch bags and grocery totes. Much easier to manipulate than a vinyl or oilcloth with a nice malleable drape.

Cotton Gauze: We love this lightweight loosely woven fabric for swaddling baby blankets and beach cover ups. This is also a great opportunity for block printing.

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This is just the beginning. We're hard at work sampling projects, putting together kits and fabric packs. You won’t be disappointed!