A little bit of luck just rolled through our doors at The Botanist!

The Marimo Ball, also known as a Japanese moss ball, is just about the neatest thing we have seen. They are the lakes version of a pet rock. These “balls of seaweed”, which is a direct translation of "Marimo", are a special type of algae growing in lakes around the world. 

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Domestic Marimo grow in tap water at room temperature as long as the water is changed every one or two weeks (more frequently in summer and less often in winter). The Marimo can be placed in the refrigerator in hot weather (above 25°C), but does not survive freezing. 

The Marimo Ball is created by the gentle movements of the water giving it a velvet texture. Japan considers these little guys a National Treasure, even celebrating them annually since 1950 at the Marimo Festival! They can live up to 200 years growing just 5mm each year. Take excellent care of your Marimo moss ball and it is known that all your wishes will come true. Marimo Balls are passed down as family heirlooms, after all they do represent everlasting love! 

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