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We had the opportunity to sit down with Martin and pick his brain about the upcoming opening of Red Racer Hobby Shop, what it will be and what he's most stoked about! 

RR: How is Red Racer different than a traditional hobby shop?

MC: It's more of a twist really. We will sell all the traditional toys you might find in a normal hobby shop but we will always have an emphasis on educational, interactive and engaging products for kids. Anything and everything family oriented and stimulating, whether it be visually or cognitively. 

RR: Tell us about the slot car track? 

MC: Our slot car track is a custom build by Brad Bowman, one of the first custom slot car track builders around. The 6ft x 18ft 4-lane track is a total blast for a little friendly competition between friends and the whole family. You can bet we'll be hosting events, races and competitions year round at Red Racer.

RR: What will be on the retail shelves? 

MC: Rockets, RC cars, planes, boats, quad copters, rector sets, models of all sorts, snap circuits, kites, and much more! As we stock our shelves and prep for our opening in the coming weeks, we are excited to show everyone what new cutting edge items the hobby world has to offer! 

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RR: What are you most excited about? 

MC: I'm really loving this eitech model we'll be selling. This is a metal building kit that is motorized. However, unlike an end-all model toy, the parts on the eitech are re-usable so you can take it apart and rebuild it with an entirely new design. The possibilities are really endless if you put your imagination to work. 

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