We have been hard at work the last two weeks with more tireless recipe testing. After about three months of trial and error, we have achieved a great level of consistency with our caramelized onion brioche bun. It is a very fickle process that seems to change just a bit each and every time we make the recipe. The burger pictured here had a bit too much bun, so yet another tweak will be necessary next week!

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The burger itself is made up of some beautiful natural beef from 5 Dot Ranch in Susanville. The composition is made up of short rib, chuck, and beef suet (fat). The suet really helps to ensure a juicy/delicious burger. It is topped with house made bread and butter pickles, our unique spin on 1000 island dressing, and pickled onions. The idea is to really keep things simple and with any luck, transport ya back to when you were a kid.

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Also this week we grilled up some 5 dot hanger steak and topped it with taberu rayu (Japanese for edible chile). It is a condiment made from red chilis, toasted garlic, toasted onion, peanuts, sesame oil, and sesame seeds. It has an addictive heat that you just can't stay way from!!

Just to add a little ruffage to our diets this week, I made a butter lettuce salad with Dungeness crab, avocado dressing and crispy avocado to act as croutons. A really delicious, light salad on a warm evening.

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We continue our quest to create what we hope will be the best burger you have ever eaten, and trust us when we say we love every minute of it!