Hello Red Racer fans! Just speeding through to bring you some cool news, updates and lingo of what we've got crusin' behind the scenes!  


Red Racer is most pleased to announce we are the new home of a custom Slot Car Track by Brad's Tracks.  Brad is one of the original custom slot car track builders in the US and we are honored to bring one of his creations to Los Altos.  Our PIT CREW is hard at work getting our new custom time tracking software installed and up and running. 


It measures in at 6 ft wide x 18 ft long with 4 lanes and 72 ft of lap length. You and your friends are sure to be practicing your BREAKAWAYS in no time at all. That's not all-- the most exciting addition is the new face lift we are giving this baby. No BEAR GREASE on this track! Equipped with recreated miniature H&H specific businesses from around town to set the scene!  

Don't be a DRAG-- stay up to date on all our Red Racer Hobby Shop news! Ready your engines for our green light so you can race to our doors as soon as we open!  

Your CREW CHIEF will be glad you did!



PIT CREW: Members of the team that services and repairs a race car. 

BREAKAWAYS: Suddenly driving away from a pack of racers, quickly enough that opponents cannot keep close enough to draft.

BEAR GREASE:  Slang term used to describe any patching material used to fill cracks and holes or smooth bumps on a track's surface.

DRAG: When a rider can no longer stay with a group.

CREW CHIEF: Team leader. Depending on the team, duties include everything form making assignments in the shop, to calling the shots in the pits, to handling airline and motel reservations.