This week Jannie and I are buzzing about our whirlwind trip to the East Coast, on behalf of the Makery.

Our first stop was to Squam, an arts workshop, or as we like to think of it: craft camp for adults. [] Our visit at Squam included a party hosted by the well known Ravelry [] (a social site for knitters), a craft fair populated with local artisans and a slew of excitable crafters who loved hearing about our new venture, the Makery. There may have been a knitting race or two!


Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 3.48.26 PM.png

After spending the night in our little cabin we snuck to a little dock for our morning knitting. What else would you do with a patch of sunshine on a lake?

For our next leg of the trip we drove South and scooped up all the vintage goodies we could find for the Makery. Who knew there were so many cute New England antique stores?  

Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 3.48.35 PM.png
Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 3.48.44 PM.png

Our next task was visiting Northampton, MA, the home of WEBS ( Jannie can’t pass up a good yarn store and I couldn’t wait for her to see my old workplace.

While we were in town we met up with the very talented Gail Callahan, also known as the Kangaroo Dyer [] (author of Handdyeing Yarn and Fleece and creator of the Color Grid, []  both for sale in our store). Gail taught us how simple applying dye and paint can be. Even though we felt like novices we stumbled our way into masterpieces with very little effort. We can’t wait to add this to the class list, so stay tuned...

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The epic journey has come to a close but the real adventure begins today when we invite you to experience all of the magic with us.

Happy knitting,  


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