We have an exciting new shop coming to downtown Los Altos! Brought to you by The H&H Company and run by floral and garden designer Marisa Lyssand, The Botanist will be a beautiful shop for all things botanical.

Here is an interview with Marisa herself...

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So, we're curious about you! Where did all this start?

It all started when I was young. I've always been a gardener and have always loved plants and flowers. I started working in a nursery when I was 18 and learned a lot of what I know about plants. I was the buyer and the designer there for 10 years and decided I wanted to try it on my own. I started my own business doing botanical design and have been doing that ever since. 

How does your process work?

I see color first, and texture. It starts with one or two things and I build from there.

How do you feel your style will influence the work that comes out of The Botanist? 

I do love using unusual things that you would not see in typical arrangements.  It could be carrot blossoms or my fascination with foliage while I'm running or driving. I love branches and trees. I see nature everywhere. 

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What will The Botanist offer?

The Botanist will offer well-curated planted pots, small scale landscaping, events florals, weekly arrangements, orchids and house plants. It will all be very specific to The Botanist aesthetic.   There will be lots of found amazing artifacts as well. 

Where do you see trends going in the industry right now? 

I see them going toward natural gardens. I like a kept garden, but I also love the feeling that you've come upon natural beauty on your hike or somewhere that might surprise you in the outdoors. 

So Marisa, what are you loving for summer? 

A wild garden rose. Nevermind all these weird, straight, scentless grocery store roses. We love things that come from the garden, not the science lab. I also love to throw in a few succulents here and there. I might surprise you!

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