Bumble and The H&H Company had the opportunity to work hard in collaboration with Cody Brock Commercial Builders in this great effort to help Rebuilding Together Peninsula, and a sweet 88 year old woman named Lily.

On April 27th 2013, 40 strangers helped Lily by building her a new kitchen, a new bathroom, repainting her house, and re-landscaping her entire home. RTP and their amazing volunteers also fixed the plumbing and electrical making sure she was safe and warm in her house and so that she can to live independently for years to come. All of this was done at no cost to Lily and entirely with donated labor and materials. 

 There will be a short film made to document the day they gave Lily a new “Home” and to promote Rebuilding Together Peninsula and its effort to inspire others to help other just homeowners like Lily.

So stay tuned...