Have you heard the news? Starting Tuesday 10/22, Academic Trainers will be here to help students in reaching their academic goals. 

Academic Trainers offers one-on-one tutoring in ISEE/SAT test prep, as well as homework help for all elementary and middle school subjects. One-on-one tutoring is what Academic Trainers does best! Their experienced tutors will help students to master the fundamentals of any subject by incorporating study skills, organizational skills, and time management into every session.

  • When:
    -Monday - Thursday 4:00pm - 6:30pm
  • Where: 
    Area 151, in the back room across from the arcade

Our tutor will also work alongside students to prepare for private school entrance exams by providing them with a thorough and comprehensive coverage on test materials as well as strategies such as time management in testing environments. We will also provide students with an overview of fundamental math concepts, verbal review, and critical thinking skills for questions commonly found on tests.

We also encourage students to stop by for extra test prep if they really need it.  We also offer classes like the ones found at AT.

Pricing is as follows:

  •  One-On-One Sessions
  • Classes
    -$500 per student for four classes and diagnostic session
    *Classes will begin 11/5 4:00-6:30pm
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For more information about Academic Trainers, see their website here

or email us at tutoring@151dtla.com