Chef Brian West started cooking at a young age and quickly learned that his future was in the kitchen.  After high school, Brian attended the California Culinary Academy, in San Francisco.  At 18 years old, Brian graduated from The CCA and dove straight into his career.  He has cooked in some of the best restaurants in California, spending most of his time in San Francisco, San Diego, and Napa Valley.  

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In 2010, Brian took a job with the Girl and the Fig, in Sonoma.  At the Girl and the Fig, Brian truly discovered the importance and impact a direct relationship with the people who grow and make the products used can have on a restaurant and the food it serves. “It wasn’t until I moved to the Bay Area, where I found my real passion for farming and starting relationships with local farmers,” said West. “Working and tending to a 2+ acre garden with The Girl and the Fig really helped me understand what cooking is about. It’s not always how much you can do with products, but how little you can do with good products to let them shine by themselves.”

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In 2012, Brian took his talents to Sebastapool in the Sonoma wine country to be the chef of Risibisi. Brian continued to forge this relationship with the local farming community, purchasing almost entirely from farm direct sources. Chef Brian also held dinners in which a specific farmer could be highlighted. Utilizing these amazing products, Chef Brian was able to put his own stamp on Italian cuisine in the California wine country.

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In the late summer of 2013, Chef Brian was recruited by Mary and Brian to take over the stoves at their cornerstone restaurant, Bumble.  He found that they all shared a love for locally sourced and sustainably raised ingredients and products. The passion and love for the farmers, ranchers, and fishermen that Chef Brian had developed early on is fully realized at Bumble. He embraces the chance to cook high end food in casual environment for parents and their children alike. "Everyday we try to develop stronger relationships with local producers to provide the highest quality dining experience for the customers of Bumble."
Chef Brian West